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About Tori Bromme

Victoria Bromme is passionate horse trainer and riding instructor that got her start rehabbing and retraining abused and unwanted horses. She believes in a holistic approach to training that takes a deeper look at the environment, physical aspects, and the past experiences of the horses she works with.


She bases her work using natural horsemanship and positive reinforcement techniques. Her background is in hunter-jumper discipline; but today she focuses more on creating a positive bond and understanding between her students and their horses that can be used as a foundation to excel in any discipline. You can still catch Tori flying over some jumps with her thoroughbred, Pride, in her free time.


Victoria is also a TIP trainer through the Mustang Heritage Foundation. She is currently competing in the Extreme Mustang Makeover 2022 in Fort Worth, TX. Her love for America's wild horses is strong. She often has mustangs available for adoption that can be seen on the sale page. 

Our Promise


We are dedicated to work with each horse and their owner on an individual level.

Our Community


Our barn is welcoming and family oriented. Whether you are a passing client bringing a horse in for training or considering a more permanent residence at our stable, you and your horse are our priority. To optimize being a part of our community join us on Facebook and Instagram.

Our Facilities


  • 2 Large Pastures

  • Indoor arena 

  • Acreage for Trail Riding

  • Large Outdoor Round Pen

  • Wash rack

  • Crossties

  • Tribute Feeds 2x a day

  • Hay twice a day or as needed

  • Obstacle Course TBA



Approved TIP trainer.

Find available mustangs.



Contact us today! (402) 440 - 8457

Riding Lessons

Beginner and Child Friendly!

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