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Archipp Drozdov
Archipp Drozdov

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Toad Venom, a traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), is an anti-inflammatory drug used in small doses for the treatment of various types of inflammation in China[32, 33]. Bufadienolides, such as bufalin and cinobufagin as its major active ingredients, exhibited the significant antitumor activities, including inhibition of cell proliferation, induction of apoptosis, inhibition of cancer angiogenesis, and regulation of the immune response[32]. Meantime, Toad Venom extracts or bufadienolides also exhibited the significant anti-inflammatory action by inhibiting the proliferations of human T-lymphocytes[33]. However, there is little known about the biological effects of other toad venom ingredients in vivo and in vitro. Gamabufotalin (CS-6) is a major bufadienolide with better drug ability, but only few researches have studied on its biological activities.

Toad 10 5 Keygen

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