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Tori is available to exercise your horse, train your horse, as well as coach you as you train your horse.


Training is focused around the individual goals of the owner and needs of the horse; Tori is a firm believer in the individuality of the horse and aims to tailor each session accordingly.


Tori is also available to help you horse shop to find your perfect match.


She specializes in problem behaviors and colt starting.


$500 Full Training (per 30 days of training)

  • 5 Days of Training Weekly

  • 4 Riding Lessons per Month.

  • Board not Included.

$275 Partial Training (per 30 days of training)

  • 2 Days of Training Weekly 

  • 2 Riding Lessons per Month

  • Board not Included

Want to learn to Train your horse and receive additional moment to moment Guidance?​

$45 "Training the Trainer"Session

$35 - 60 Minutes Individual Horse Exercising Session

Pricing & Packages

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