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Roe And Co Whiskey Buy ((EXCLUSIVE))

A blend of intense, fruity malt whiskey and the smoothest grain whiskies that have slowly matured in first-fill Bourbon casks, Roe & Co is a contemporary premium blended Irish whiskey. Non-chilled filtered and bottled at 90 proof, this light blend offers a sophisticated yet sweet flavor with notes of spiced pear and woody vanilla for an easy drinking, smooth spirit. Mix with soda water and apple juice, then pour into an ice-filled highball glass for a refreshing tasting Roe & Roots cocktail. Includes one 90 proof, 750 mL bottle of Blended Irish Whiskey. Please drink responsibly.

roe and co whiskey buy

During the 19th century, George Roe & Co helped build the era of Irish whiskey. In 1929, they closed their gates for good, and all that remains of the distillery is a pear tree and windmill tower. Now Roe & Co. is helping to resurface the Irish Whiskey golden era. Located in the heart of Dublin, they are focused on creating whiskey with new and creative expressions.

Roe & Co. was launched in 2017, and our Master Blender Caroline Martin worked with bartenders here in Ireland to create our blend with versatility in mind. Roe and Co are named after George Roe, a key figure in the history of Irish whiskey. George Roe ran what was the largest distillery of its time in Ireland, very close to our own here in Dublin 8, until it closed in 1926. Whilst we take inspiration from the history of Irish whiskey, we are very much a contemporary brand and distillery with a focus on reinventing the future of Irish whiskey.

Roe & Co is Irish whiskey made by bartenders for bartenders, and as such, bartenders will always be a key partner in telling the Roe & Co story to our communities. In the true spirit of collaboration and endurance, this vastly experienced team created a unique Blended Irish whiskey that would hold its own in cocktails and trialed it over 100 prototype blends before creating this truly extraordinary expression of Irish whiskey.

Our new distillery in Dublin has been in operation for almost two years, and we are focused on creating more delicious whiskey, including new expressions that utilize all the creative possibilities we have open to us in the distillery, which we built to be able to work with a range of different mash bills, spirit styles, and distillation techniques. Being an urban distillery and a new distillery, we considered sustainability from the ground up in the design and build process.

The palate is lovely; creamy, sweet with an ever-so-swift ping of cayenne spice, the vanilla and oak influence is there still but the whiskey thickens as you hold it in your mouth and becomes very very silky. A surprisingly long finish filled with white pepper spice and a mouth-coating that makes you want another sip.

I first sampled this whiskey in the duty free shop at Dublin Airport. Brought a bottle back with me and wish I'd bought more. I've purchased more since then and it never disappoints, I hope it's eventually available locally, but until it is, I will import it from the east coast.

Roe & Co is a new premium Blended Irish Whiskey, named in honour of George Roe, a true pioneer of Irish Whiskey. Refined, elegant, and with remarkable depth, a masterful blend of rich malt whiskey and the smoothest of grain whiskey aged in bourbon casks.

Over the past few years, there have been revivals of past names and brands in the world of whiskeys. Many of these new labels have historic undertones to their origin stories. Among these are stories that involve an old family recipe long forgotten, whereupon somebody discovers an old bottle in an attic or storage somewhere.

However, the distillery ended up closing down in 1926 and very little remains, save for the distillery windmill and a single pear tree. That tree still flowers to this day and is said to be a reminder of the legacy of Mr. Roe and an inspiration for this new whiskey.

Roe & Co was launched in 2017 by Diageo, after having been without an Irish whiskey since 2014, when they unloaded the Bushmills brand. The release is said to be inspired by the resurgence of Irish whiskies amongst other brown liquor powerhouses such as Bourbon and rye from America, Scotch, and Japanese whiskies.

Vital Stats: 90 proof, 45% ABV. This whiskey is a blend of malt and grain whiskies that were further aged in second-fill Bourbon barrels. Suggested retail pricing of approximately $35 per 750ml.

Released in March 2017, Roe & Co blended Irish whiskey marks Diageo's return to the Irish whiskey category having sold Bushmills a couple of years earlier. Roe & Co is bottled at 45% abv without chill filtration and is a blend of single malt and grain whiskeys matured exclusively in bourbon casks (a high proportion of which are first-fill).

With a line of innovations from the brand since its inception in 2017, the team at Roe & Co have continued to explore the boundaries of the Irish Whiskey category, as they work to heighten our senses with the whiskey and passion they have at hand! 041b061a72


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