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Median Xl Ultimative Character 14 !!EXCLUSIVE!!

Making Nightmare more interesting and engagingOne of the problems of the original Diablo 2 campaign is Nightmare difficulty. Nothing interesting really happens here. There is no new content compared to Normal and the best items aren't available yet. More specifically for Median, you are rushing to get to Hell and progress the added endgame quests while monsters in the first 4 acts provide barely any resistance to characters with decent gear. Ideally we would simply be rid of Nightmare and scale content so that one playthrough gets you to Hell where the real fun starts. However, this is not possible in the Diablo 2 engine. As such, we have tried to spice up the progression journey by introducing brand new mobs for you to fight and better tuning their stats, so the journey through Nightmare feels more engaging and memorable.

Median Xl Ultimative Character 14


Improved stats and skillsThe classic progression to Hell has always been touted as the "tutorial" that prepares you for the brand new challenges that await on Hell difficulty. With the passage of time the suitability of this tutorial has diminished significantly. To the point where we felt it did not fit with the rest of the game that you all know and love, and did not accurately prepare you for endgame. Two main problems identified were that monsters would be defeated too easily as soon as players knew to craft a key item or two and that some would have incredibly bursty damage and could rapidly kill unsuspecting characters. To address these problems:

Patch 2.0 brings the largest set of skill changes any Median XL version has ever seen. The primary mechanical changes are in how and when you are able to put points into your skills. The current system allows you to add an additional point to any skill every 6 character levels, and would further be enhanced by the "max skill level" stat. This led to an overall predictable, cyclic and uninteresting progression while leveling, with excess skill points in the early game and very little maxing variety in the endgame due to skills taking over 30 Base Levels each. The new system aims to be more versatile, organic and intuitive, qualities we felt the current system was lacking.

Mollitrichosiphum is mainly distributed throughout Southeast Asia (Table S1). The subgenus Mollitrichosiphum is restricted to Nepal, northeastern India (Sikkim) and the southern edge of the QTP, which is characterized by a notably complex mountainous topography. Most species of the subgenus Metatrichosiphon are primarily distributed in the eastern region of Southeast Asia. Twelve known species in China can be assigned to three distribution patterns: widespread throughout southern China (Mollitrichosiphum (Mollitrichosiphum) tenuicorpus), the Himalaya-Hengduan Mountains (Mollitrichosiphum (Metatrichosiphon) montanum and Mollitrichosiphum (Metatrichosiphon) nandi) and southeast of China (Mollitrichosiphum (Metatrichosiphon) rhusae, Mollitrichosiphum (Metatrichosiphon) luchuanum, Mollitrichosiphum (Metatrichosiphon) nigrofasciatum, Mollitrichosiphum (Metatrichosiphon) nigrum and Mollitrichosiphum sp.). These patterns provide the opportunity to determine the relative effects of geographical isolation caused by both the uplift of the QTP and the separation of the islands on the differentiation of these species.

In view of the present findings on its host association and gall inducing nature as well as several other characters, the new species is placed in the genus Neothelexes. Further surveying and research on its biology, for example the rearing of additional adults (especially alatae) from additional galls, will be necessary to elucidate the appropriate taxonomic placement of the new species.


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