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What Mattress Should I Buy Quiz

With so many mattresses available on the marketplace, shopping for a new bed can feel a bit overwhelming. Our mattress quiz will help you decide which mattress is the best fit for you. This personalized tool finds mattresses that are most compatible with your sleeping position, body type, and budget. The quiz will also incorporate factors such as temperature preferences and sleeping with a partner, which can both affect how comfortable a mattress feels for an individual.

what mattress should i buy quiz

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Back sleepers need a mattress that will support their body enough to keep the back on an even plane. If a mattress provides insufficient support, the hips and midsection may sag excessively into the bed and potentially result in back pain. At the same time, back sleepers need some amount of cushion to prevent pressure from building up against the spine and hips. Back sleepers tend to enjoy medium firm or firm mattresses with light contouring.

Side sleepers require mattresses with a strong balance of contouring and support in order to keep the spine properly aligned. Support is important to prevent areas of the back and spine from sinking too deep into the bed. Meanwhile cushioning helps relieve pressure in the hips and shoulders, where pressure often builds up with side sleepers.

Stomach sleepers benefit from mattresses that are firm and supportive enough to keep the spine properly aligned. Mattresses that are too soft can cause the midsection to sink into the bed and throw off spinal alignment. While support is key for stomach sleepers, this sleep position also benefits from light cushioning for the head and shoulders.

Generally speaking, people who weigh over 230 pounds tend to favor mattresses with higher firmness ratings. This helps avoid the kind of sinkage that can lead to poor sleep posture. People in this weight category may gravitate toward hybrid and latex mattresses, since these are typically firmer and more supportive than all-foam beds. That said, some brands engineer foam beds to provide support for those in heavier weight categories.

Mattresses are available in a wide range of price-points to accommodate all budgets, but most mattresses fall somewhere between $600 and $2,000. You can find mattresses below this price range, but the low price will likely be reflected in the mattress quality. You will also find beds that exceed this price range, sometimes upwards of thousands of dollars. These luxury beds typically feature sophisticated designs or smart technology.

Latex is a more expensive and durable material than foam. As a result, latex and latex hybrid beds tend to cost more than foam and foam hybrid beds. A complex mattress with multiple layers usually costs more than a bed with a low profile and simpler construction. Some beds also have enhanced performance features or specialized materials that may drive up the price. This includes cooling components, organic and natural materials, zoned construction, or customized design.

There are other important factors to consider when shopping for a new bed. If you tend to overheat at night, you will want a mattress that can help keep you cool. Latex runs cooler than foam, which is known for retaining heat. Hybrids and innersprings also sleep cooler, since air circulates between the coils. If you really enjoy the feel of foam but find it runs too hot, look for a foam bed that incorporates cooling components such as cooling gel, an aerated composition, or phase change material. Covers made of cotton or cooling fabrics can help regulate temperature, and wool layers wick moisture from your body.

If you share the bed with a partner, you may want to consider a mattress with strong motion isolation. This can help reduce sleep disturbances when sleep partners shift in the middle of the night. Many foam beds are highly effective at minimizing motion transfer, while latex beds have a bouncy feel that is less conducive to motion isolation.

Everyone has different priorities when it comes to finding an ideal mattress. Eco-conscious shoppers may prefer beds made with organic materials. People who sleep close to the edge of the bed might want a mattress with good edge support. Shoppers who are new to purchasing mattresses online may appreciate a bed with a long sleep trial. Figuring out your individual needs will go a long way toward finding the perfect mattress, so take our mattress quiz to get started on your search.

There are different types of mattresses to choose from, from memory foam, to latex foam, to hybrid mattresses mixing both types of foam and pocketed coils. To answer the question what kind of mattress should I buy, you should think about what kind of material you like and dislike.

Other factors you should be taking into consideration when finding the perfect mattress is body and sleeper type. The best mattress for side sleepers are usually the ones with a softer profile, because side sleepers typically require pressure relieving beds that conform to the side of their body.

The best mattress for stomach sleepers tends to look the same as the best mattress for back sleepers; firm with a supportive profile. Firm beds promote a straight alignment in your spine, and prevent your lower back from sagging into the mattress. Back sleepers and stomach sleepers should opt for a bed in the medium to firm range (5-10 on the scale).

You should consult with your doctor to see if they have any recommendations to help relieve your pain, but hybrid beds with medium to firm profiles tend to help with back pain because they keep the back properly supported. For joint pain, on the other hand, softer beds that offer pressure relief can help soothe the pain around sore joints.

The average mattress tends to around $1,300 or so before discounts, but you can easily find one under $1,000 after applying promo codes (mattress sites offer them pretty often). We think there are great value beds in this price range!

For those who want to invest in your perfect mattress, there are plenty of high-end luxury mattresses that we know and love that will give you long lasting durability, with a five-star hotel look and feel.

We suggest a twin mattress for kids, teenagers, or those who want to save room in a small apartment or dorm room. A full size bed is ideal for sleepers who want a bit more sleeping space than a twin, but smaller than a queen. This may include single sleeping adults, teenagers, or couples who really like to cuddle.

We hope the results will help you understand the different core elements of a mattress and how these will benefit you based on your answers. The results page will also give you several suggestions of mattresses that closely match your required comfort and support requirements taking any guesswork out of selecting your next mattress.

With such a vast selection of mattresses available, knowing which is best for you can take time and effort. For example, a soft, memory foam mattress will feel different from a firm, open-coil one, resulting in a different sleep experience.

At British Beds Direct, we're experts in providing the nation with a good night's sleep. We understand what it feels like to have restless sleep and know how it can impact your mood the next day, so we have created a quick and simple mattress quiz! We have designed the ultimate guide to help you determine the best mattress type for you.

Whether you've just upgraded your bed and need a new mattress to go with it, or you're replacing your existing one because it's old and uncomfortable, you may wonder how to buy the perfect mattress online.

To help you find which mattress is best for you, you must first consider how you currently sleep. If you wake up with aches and pains, you may sleep on the wrong mattress, so you want to avoid repeating the same mistake.

We're proud to offer an extensive array of mattresses, providing a suitable sleep solution for anyone. You're just five questions away from determining which mattress type suits your unique sleep style.

The mattress quiz we have designed will help you find the most compatible mattress based on your body type and how you sleep. We've looked at some of the most common factors that contribute to a good or bad night's sleep, such as your sleeping position, how firm you prefer your mattress to be and whether or not there is another person in the bed with you.

There is a range of different materials used for mattress fillings: cotton (breathable and moisture-wicking), wool (luxurious and resilient), foam (body cushioning), polyester (hypoallergenic) and more.

You might hear people talk about the 'gauge' of coils, which is the thickness of the wire. The lower the gauge number, the thicker the wire and the firmer the mattress (so a 12 gauge mattress is firmer than a 14 gauge one).

Pocket springs and memory foam are combined to make a hybrid mattress. They're good for people who like the support of pocket springs and memory foam's body-moulding and pressure-relieving properties.

A widely-made, traditional type of mattress with interlinked coils. A little firmer, more affordable and lighter than a pocket spring mattress, but the springs are all connected, which can mean more 'bounce' for sleeping partners.

Each spring is wrapped separately with material so that they move independently of each other, giving your body support where it needs it and means you won't disturb your partner when you move. It can be more expensive and heavier than open coil mattresses.

This means the firmness or softness of the bed. It's a personal choice, but the general rule is that heavier people need firmer tension and lighter people need softer tension. Equally, back sleepers may want a firmer tension, and side sleepers may need a softer tension to align the spine. The mattress's comfort layer and fillings affect how soft or firm it feels.

The cover of the mattress, which can be made in various fabrics such as cotton or viscose. The type of material used can affect durability and airflow. Some ticking can be treated to make it anti-bacterial, water resistant, anti-static, and even ward off dust mites. 041b061a72


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