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Victori Equine Saddle Club

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Archipp Drozdov
Archipp Drozdov

Download 448k Txt

Tables of Gulfwatch data can be viewed online (HTML) or downloaded as tab-delimited text files or Microsoft Excel Version 8.0 for PC spreadsheets. To view or download data, click on a link in the table below. Links in the table indicate data file size. ND indicates No Data.

Download 448k txt

Download Zip:

NOTE: Excel 8.0 files are binary and will have to be viewed with Microsoft Excel. Download the Excel files to your local disk by holding the shift button while clicking on the filename. After you have retrieved the files this way you may load them into Excel.NOTE: Tab-delimited text files may be downloaded the same way as the Excel files and then imported into your favorite database/spreadsheet program. 041b061a72


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